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Until I started chiropractic care it never occurred to me that there was a better way.  I had wondered from time to time why the doctors never tried to figure out why I had migraines, why the asthma was getting worse or why I suddenly was diagnosed with eczema at 22.  I didn't realize that those were signals from my body telling me all was not well.

I started getting adjusted and after just two weeks the migraines were gone.  After six months I was able to stop taking all the asthma medication and the pattern of respiratory infections has disappeared, as has the eczema. 


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...Approximately eight years ago I was diagnosed with asthma.  First I was treated for pneumonia and then it was bronchitis; it actually took almost two years for the doctors to decide it was asthma.  Over the past eight years the doctors have had to put me on numerous medications.  Even after we found a combination of four prescriptions that seemed to work, I keep having to have the doses increased.  The medicine also causes terrible heartburn which actually can irritate the asthma, and dizziness too.  They are after all, steroids, and we all know how good they are for your body.

In addition to my asthma I have had insomnia for almost all of my life.  My parents have told me stories that even at 2 years old I was the last one to sleep at night and the first one up in the morning all without napping during the day.  As an adult if I was able to get 4.5-5 hours a night then that was a good nights sleep.  Since 1985 I have had allergies.  Almost overnight they started.  First it was dust and mold, since then it has progressed to pollen, dogs, cats, and pine trees.  Lastly, five years ago I was in a car accident and since that time I have had headaches, backaches, trouble swallowing, and neck pain.

Well I'm happy to say that my laundry list has gotten much shorter.  The night of my very first treatment I slept almost 9 straight hours.  Now a bad nights sleep is 5-6 hours and I consistently sleep 8 or more.  My back and neck pain is gone, and that was after only a couple of weeks.  Also, in the past 6 months I have only had two very mild headaches and only once did I take an over-the-counter for it - no more prescriptions there.  My allergies have virtually disappeared... in the past I would have to take 3 different medicines (2 prescriptions and 1 over-the-counter) to go to a house with pets for just a short while, and now I don't take any.  

Starting the end of February I stopped taking my asthma medicine.  I was feeling so great.  I went two weeks without any.  I started the med back up because I was going on a cruise and didn't want to take any chances while out of the country.  That only lasted 6 days and I stopped my asthma medicine on the cruise.  So I only took my meds 6 days the past three months.  Just this last weekend I have started using them again because the pollen is so bad this year, but if my body can heal itself once, I have high hopes that it will do it again...


My daughter began care at 12 years old with frequent headaches which overtime became migraine headaches.  She began missing school, vomiting, in bed for up to two days in a row.  Her only relief, which was not very reliable, was Excedrin Migraine one after another.The next step was to try prescription drugs.  

My younger daughter, who was 4, was diagnosed with epilepsy in April of 2000.  After four different medications and combining two she was still having 2-6 seizures a day.  She was always tired and had one cold after another.  The seizures just wore her down physically and mentally.

After the exam and consultation for them, their x-rays for me to wonder; what about my son and me?  We all began chiropractic!

After one month, my oldest daughter was rid of her migraines!  She has not had one since.  My youngest has much fewer seizures 0-2 daily, 0 and 1 being most common.  She has gone as much as 12 days without a single seizure.  Her energy, alertness, and total health have improved tremendously.  As for my son and myself we had improved overall health, My son sleeps better and feels better.  I said good-bye to some irritating PMS symptoms, sleep better, have more energy, and have a better frame of mind.

After about 4 months of chiropractic, my husband could see how we were all benefitting from chiropractic, all in dirrerent ways.  He decided to join us and also become part of this wonderful drug-free way to complete health.


As a physician, I was pleasantly surprised with the level of science in chiropractic.  Several postural measurements were taken, as well as x-rays of my spine.  I was struck by the similarity of my films to the x-rays of many of my own patients who have back pain and other neurologic issues.  I definitely wanted to avoid developing these problems. 

My first adjustment was quite an experience.  When I sat on a stool after my first adjustment, I immediately noticed that my right arm no longer rested on my leg in the same place it had for years.  It had moved about one inch closer to my body.  I was startled at the magnitude of this change.  

Other changes have followed, most of which were unexpected.  Emergency medicine is a physically taxing practice, both because of the activities while on duty, and because of constantly rotating shifts disturbing the natural rhythms of life.  I have found, since starting chiropractic care, that I fatigue less easily at work, I accommodate the changes in my schedule better, and I stopped drinking coffee for the first time since medical school. Most surprising, however, is that I now use Pepcid (an anti-stomach acid drug) very rarely rather than as a matter of routine prevention during my night shifts and day sleeping periods.  I do still have back pain, but it is less frequent and less severe - and, after all, we've only spent two months working on a problem I've had for twenty-five years.

The chiropractic approach to wellness has also been refreshing.  Emergency medicine is basically about "acute, episodic disaster management."  While I enjoy it very much, and often correct my patients' acute issues, most of the time I have little impact on the overall course of their lives.  Many of my patients are in the emergency department due to chronically neglecting their health, and often it is either too late or "too difficult" for them to change the course of their lives.  Being involved in a preventive and corrective program of health has helped me to re-examine the priorities and habits of my own life. You cannot afford to neglect your nervous system or spine any more than you can afford to neglect your heart, lungs, or blood pressure.  Chiropractic care should be an integral part of any health, wellness, or medical care program.

Dr. P.R., Medical physician