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Dr. David Cretsinger has been in practice for over 20 years providing safe and effective chiropractic care for the whole family.  Chiropractic has been in his family his enitre life, with his father still practicing in his home town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  In the office, Dr. David gets much support and help from his wife Kate (middle) and from Kathleen (far left), who has been working with Dr. David for over eight years. 

Kate had such severe hip pain when Dr. David met her that some days she literally couldn't even walk.  For many years she would stay home and was forced to crawl around the house to just get to the bathroom.  She had been living like this for over 19 years since a car accident caused the debilitation.  There was never a day that she wasn't in pain.  She also suffered from migraines at least three times per week over those 19 years.  All her doctors told her there was nothing she could do but keep taking the medications.

Within one month of getting adjusted, everything started turning around for her.  Today she has zero hip pain and her migraines are gone.  In fact she is a runner again, hikes regularly, and is at the gym 3-4 times per week.

Kathleen has been working with Dr. David for over eight years.  She has an amazing story about herself, her husband, and her kids with chiropractic.  When you call the office, you will most likely talk to her to make your appointment.  Ask her to tell you her story.

Over my career as a chiropractor, people constantly come to me and say things like "I was told what you do helps ear infections" or "I heard you can fix arm numbness" or "I'm here because you fixed my friend's migraines", and the list goes on; digestive problems, allergies, sciatica, etc, etc...

How can everyone think chiropractic is for all those things?  And it gets more confusing (to them) when I tell them chiropractic isn't for any of those things. The problems start with the way we have been taught to think about health problems our whole life.  The vast majority of people just ask questions like "which medication will make my headache go away?", instead of asking questions like "why do I always get headaches?"  "Why do I always get this (insert your symptom here) and why can't my body heal from it?"  Well, if you can answer that question, that will lead you to actually getting well.  

Chiropractic really isn't confusing.  I don't treat all of those problems.  I just try to help the body work better so it can heal itself.


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